Kyoto Jazz Massiveの沖野修也がメジャー・デビュー20周年を期に発足した本格的ジャズ・グループ。
quasimodeの平戸祐介、DCPRGや菊地成孔ダブ・セプテットに参加する類家心平、Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaroの栗原健、松浦俊夫 presents HEXに参加する小泉P克人、Jazztronikのドラマーとして知られる天倉正敬ら国内屈指の若手ミュージシャンを招集し、レコーディングを敢行。
ゲストに菊地成孔を迎え、録音からマスタリングまで全てアナログでの作業にこだわり、Kyoto Jazz Massiveの"Eclipse"の再録音を含む全編BLUE NOTEのカヴァー・アルバム『Mission』をリリース。
この6人編成の完全生演奏グループは、ジャズとクラブ・ミュージックの融合は勿論の事、新主流派/モード・ジャズの再評価、USジャズへの日本からの返答、異なる世代の連携、音楽と写真の異業種交流(国際写真展『KYOTOGRAPHIE 京都国際写真祭 2015』とも連動)等、様々な使命を持っている。

Kyoto Jazz Sextet, the new project of DJ / music producer Shuya Okino from Kyoto Jazz Massive was started to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the formation of Kyoto Jazz Massive. 
Kyoto Jazz Sextet is the first jazz project for Shuya Okino in which he joins as a member of the live band, both during the live performances and on the vinyl, CD and Digital download recordings. 
Although influenced by mainstream modal jazz of the 1960s on Blue Note records Kyoto Jazz Sextet is not limited to mere nostalgia. Members Yusuke Hirado of quasimode, Ruike Shinpei of DCPRG and Kikuchi Naruyoshi Dub septet , Takeshi Kurihara of Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro, Koizumi "P" Yoshihito of Matsuura Toshio presents HEX and Masanori Amakura, known as the drummer for Jazztronik's Introduction and as an up-and-coming musician of the Japan Jazz / club scene, are brought together to create progressive jazz, one that blends a classic sound and a club music feeling.
Kyoto Jazz Sextet's debut album "Mission" is a classic, released on the legendary Blue Note label it features seven songs selected from 1963 to 1966 to reflect of the sound of Blue Note whilst adding a contemporary essence. In addition to these jazz cover songs another song covered on the album is Kyoto Jazz Massive's 'Eclispe', which became a worldwide club hit when released from the German label ' Compost records'. The acclaimed saxophonist Kikuchi Naruyoshi is a guest musician on 'Eclispe and 'Speak No Evil.' 
This project ran in conjunction with an international photography festival held in Kyoto from April 18 - May 10 called "KYOTOGRAPHIE 2015". Photos of the original Jazz artists performing the songs covered by Kyoto Jazz Sextet were shown at the exhibition "A Vision of Jazz Francis Wolf and Blue Note Records".

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