Kyoto Jazz Massiveのプロダクションに携わり、Kyoto Jazz Massive LIVE SETではバンドリーダーも務めるベーシスト兼プロデューサー池田憲一のソロプロジェクト。 
2007年Reel PeopleのVanessa FreemanとMake Pattoをヴォーカルに迎えたビッグトラック『Spirit Of Love』12インチをEspecial Recordsよりリリース。そしてついに2009年1stアルバム『ROOT SOUL』(ジェネオン ユニバーサル)をリリースした。
東京のダンスフロアを見つめ続ける男が放つ、その世界標準ソウルサウンドは、Gilles Peterson, Ashley Beedle, Patrick Forge (Da Lata), Juergen v. Knoblauch, Alexander Barck (Jazzanova),などなど世界のトップDJにプレイされ、Crossover, Rare Groove, Hip Hop, House,などあらゆるシーンから高い評価を得ている。
Tokyo Crossover Jazz Festival 2009では、ボーカル、ホーンセクションも加えた10人編成でのライブアクトで新木場ageHaメインアリーナを絶叫させた。2010年1月世界最大のfunk party「In BUSINESS」にてオーサカ=モノレールとの対バンを成功させる。
Roy Ayers, Dam-Funk, The Brand New HeaviesのN'dea Davenportなどとの共演の経歴も持つ。
また、Bugz In The AtticのOrin Waltersのプロデュースの元、パーカッショニスト兼トランぺッターのHiderowと共にラテンプロジェクトMano Arribaを始動させている。

'ROOT SOUL' is the solo project of Kenichi Ikeda, the talented bassist and bandleader of 'Kyoto Jazz Massive Live Set'.
Ikeda was already well established in the music scene through his bass skills and his involvement in the production of Kyoto Jazz Massive when he released 'Spirit Of Love' 12 inch featuring Vanessa Freeman and Make Patto as 'ROOT SOUL', from Especial Records in 2007.
This was followed in 2009 by his first album 'ROOT SOUL' (Geneon/Universal), which was picked up and played worldwide by top DJs such as Gilles Peterson, Phil Asher,Ashley Beedle, Patrick Forge, Juergen v. Knoblauch and Alexander Barck (Jazzanova). 'ROOT SOUL' has broken out from music boundaries by receiving high acclaim in a mix of music scenes, such as Crossover, Rare Groove, Hip Hop, and House.
For Tokyo Crossover Jazz Festival 2009 (ageHa) Ikeda organized for the main stage a 'ROOT SOUL' live set, made up of ten members with vocal and the horn sections added, which played to a packed dance floor.In the same year Ikeda got 'The Room Award 2009' music prize for two different categories (Best new artist and Best song).
In January 2010 'ROOT SOUL' were featured in the event 'In Business'. This event is the bigget funk party in Asia organized by Osaka Monorail, DJ Muro, DJ Jin(Breakthrough) and Daisuke Kuroda.
The 'ROOT SOUL' Fuselage (Afrobeat remix) single was released in November 2010 from Nik Weston’s Mukatsuku in London.
Ikeda has had the opportunity to record or head sessions in Japan with many artists such as N 'dea Davenport of Brand New Heavies, Roy Ayers, Jazztronik, Cro-Magnon and Dam-Funk.
'ROOT SOUL' has also started a Latin project 'Mano Arriba' originating from the production of Orin Walters of 'Bugz In The Attic' and Hiderow Nishioka on percussion.

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